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How to Wash Your Car

The first thing you need when you decide to clean your car is TIME.


Like everything else, if you rush the job, you won’t get it done properly, and your car could end up looking worse than before you decided to clean it !

Do the wheels first.  If they are really covered in brake dust, use  a good wheel cleaner. We have many to choose from in the shop, including Autoglym Custom Wheel Cleaner, Armorall Extreme , and a few more. These can be used by spraying the product on to the wheel, and simply hosing off. You may need to use a brush or sponge as well.

After the wheels are looking lovely and clean , hose the car down. This will loosen the grime that has built up since its last valet, and make it easier to remove .

Add  a couple of capfuls of your chosen car wash/shampoo  to a bucket of warm water. There are loads to choose from, including Autoglym Bodywork shampoo Conditioner, Turtlewax Zipwax,  Armorall , Sonax,  Demon Shine  – all of which we have in the shop. These products contain a small amount of wax which will enhance the shine on your car as well as helping to lift the grime from your paintwork However, DO NOT use Fairy Liquid, or any other dish washing fluid. This is designed to remove grease from plates, so you can only guess what it will eventually do to your lovely shiny paint !!

With a wash mitt (sponges are ok, but dirt can get ingrained into them, and potentially cause ‘swirl marks’ to appear on your paintwork) Carefully  go over the whole of your car starting at the roof, and working your way down. This is best done out of direct sunlight.. Ensure that you rinse the mitt frequently.

Rinse the car thoroughly to remove the shampoo, and any remaining grime..

You now have to dry your pride and joy. We sell rubber blades to take the bulk of the water off the bodywork. These work in the same way that a window cleaner uses his blades, and as long as it is clean, will do the job far more quickly than a chamois or drying towel.

You will now use the chamois or micro fibre drying towel to finish the job. We have many to choose from, and they are all designed to leave your car paintwork looking lovely and shiny.

You can use your chamois/microfibre drying towel on your windows as well. It is useful to have another soft dry micro fibre cloth as well so you can remove any marks left.

As a finishing touch you can use a tyre polish. Again, we have many to choose from,  and shiny tyres  will make you pride and joy look magnificent !

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